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ORDO AETHYRIUM (O∴A∴) is a working initiatory theurgical religious order. While much of the work is self-paced according to each individual’s capacity to do the work according to the grade to which one is elevated, consistent and devoted practice to the best of one’s ability is expected.

Each of these Aethyrian streams or practices is its own line of Work (and they are work) and each can and will move one through successive stages of Illumination at differing rates. While there is never pressure to take elevations into higher grades of the Order, each of the successive practices, when one is able to handle more work, do combine seamlessly to facilitate extraordinarily accelerated results.

Aethyrian Ascension

Aethyrian Ascension is a spiritual, universal, meditative practice that brings one to deeper, calmer, more centered and transcendent levels of being without fighting with the lower mind to try to suppress thoughts or block out thoughts entirely.

This form of ascension practice, also called Aethyrian Prayer, is well-suited to the Western psyche because it is based upon a Western approach to the Mysteries and it does not require the suppression of thoughts in order to be an effective practice towards the attainment of deeper levels of consciousness that facilitate the gentle unfolding of levels of illumination. Rather, it harnesses the natural thinking tendency of the lower mind and turns it inward upon itself to destroy stresses (imbalanced patterns, programs, complexes) at their root.

As part of our Open Ascension Project, Sphere One of Aethyrian Ascension may be learned online without being an Order member through the course available on Transcendence Works, Aethyrian Ascension: Sphere One.

For Order members of the 2° Novitiate grade all Advanced Spheres of this training are openly available.

Illuminatory Seership

Illuminatory Seership is a Western magical and religious initiatory practice. It opens spiritual vision, facilitates the clearing of the Lunar Veil, and allows one to experience specific magical and advanced spiritual phenomena directly for oneself.

This particular form of Seership opens spiritual vision in a very deep way, and results in the quickenings and visual crystallizations that accompany the raising of the Dragon, pure evolutionary divine force, the Western term for what is called Kundalini in the East. The light of that pure evolutionary force is literally Illumination.

As part of our Open Seership Project, the beginning practices of Illuminatory Seership may be learned online without being an Order member through the course available on Transcendence Works, Illuminatory Seership Training.

Those who have practiced this form of Seership and have had the requisite benchmark experiences may make application for elevation to the 3° Specularis grade.

Initiatory Theurgy

Initiatory Theurgy, what we call ‘Deep Magic’ from the Aethyrian perspective, is centered completely around the goal of making continual and effective progress towards conscious connection with the Higher Genius and completing the Great Work: Attainment of the next level of individuated evolution that all humans have inherent embryonic capacity to achieve, with proper initiatory instruction.

While many kinds of magic are acknowledged, the Order is focused upon practices centered around theurgy for the purposes of personal spiritual evolution and the dissolution of the Soul Cage. Those entering this level of work are taught Aethyrian practices of an inner theurgical and alchemical nature, the purpose of which is to cultivate the ability to mediate spiritual power and master particular inner alchemical forces.

The Mastery of inner alchemical forces and the occult science that can be applied as a result is MAGIC, and is the foundation of true Initiation towards the journey to spiritual Illumination and completion of the Great Work.
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Initiatory theurgical training begins at the 4° Phoenix grade of the Inner Order. As this training is specific and proprietary to our Order, this is the only stream of training that does not have a specific entry-level open training. Successful practice of Illuminatory Seership as a bridge between Outer and Inner work is a prerequisite for making application for elevation to this level within the Order.

Practical Alchemy

Practical Alchemy is the art of making quintessences, truly magical psycho-spiritual sacraments that facilitate expanding consciousness into transcendent or expanded levels of experience.

Alchemy illuminates the process for accelerating the evolution of a substance, while reflecting the same exact process that must be done on all levels within the totality of the aspirant’s entire being, not just fragmented pieces of the psyche.

How it is applied on each different level is not obvious and that is part of alchemy training on other levels. Something is either true on all levels or it is not really a truth in a capital ‘T’ sense of the word, so alchemy training affords one the experience to see how things are actually able to be taken apart, put back together, and made into a spiritual medicine that then has an initiatory effect upon consciousness.

Quintessences expand consciousness to where more can be understood about the nature of real alchemy, so it is an interesting puzzle box created by nature as a labyrinth one can work through as one learns to confect quintessences from the different kingdoms, that each in turn open different functions in consciousness and facilitate the capacity to mediate magical currents.

One point of distinction between true alchemical quintessences and entheogens used as sacraments in shamanic traditions, is that our quintessences act on a psycho-spiritual level without having any psychoactive compounds in the source materials. That is one of the proofs for having obtained true quintessences through real alchemy.

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As part of our Plant Alchemy Project, the beginning practices of plant alchemy curriculum may be learned online without being an Order member through the course on Transcendence Works, Primum Ens Plant Alchemy Training.

While practical alchemy work is a required part of the 5° Practicus grade of the Order, this training course is made available to anyone within or without the Order who wishes to learn this particular process of obtaining sacramental quintessences from the plant kingdom.

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