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  • No proselytizing (attempts to convert) or direct personal solicitous coercion in any manner. The Mysteries draw their own. Those who come to the Order and its teachings must do so of their own spiritual volition and free will without duress.
  • No debating. Debating is an egoic form of attempting to convert someone to one’s point of view, or to defend one’s position from a dysfunctional, psychological need for external validation. The Mysteries have no use for engaging in this type of behavior, and it violates the rule above.
  • No judgment of others for any reason. Personal discernment, discretion, and self-responsibility are qualities to be expected of members of the Order, but personal judgment of others is to be avoided, always. Judgment is an egoic projection that creates separation, which is counter-productive for one working towards levels of unified consciousness; however, non-judgment of others is not to be construed as condonement of actions against the well-being, rights, or freedoms of others.
  • No gossiping. Gossip in any form is not to be tolerated. Everyone’s personal business is their own and should be respected as such. Being privy to someone’s private affairs does not grant anyone the right to discuss them with others.
  • Members are expected to be moderate in behavior at all times. Extremes in all things are to be avoided, if at all possible. Be temperate. Fanaticism and fundamentalism are to be avoided; as is engagement with persons of such mindset, which is pointless.
  • No political discussion within the Order. The Order is completely apolitical. The Mysteries do not take sides. We acknowledge the legal necessity within the body politic for the separation of ‘church and state’ and we adhere to it on all levels at all times. All members are free to participate in civic matters as an exercise of personal rights and freedoms, in a private manner outside the Order, in whatever way accords with their own conscience.
  • No sexual harassment. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment on any level for any reason. All members should be safe from any predatory behavior at all times within the Order and all temple environments. Violators face permanent expulsion from the Order.
  • No discrimination. While there are certain concerns that must be considered on an individual basis for different kinds of training and Work within the Order, for personal health, legal, or safety reasons, all persons of sound mind and body who find themselves to be in alignment with the beliefs, codes, and Work of the Order may make application as Postulant to the Order without discrimination for race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or religious background.
  • Be forthright and cultivate true humility. Do not speak beyond personal direct experience. Do not graft yourself onto things to inflate self-importance or to appear as more than you are.
  • No imposition of control. Be responsible to self and family first. Do nothing in violation of good reason. Do not seek elevations in life or in the Order beyond capacity to fulfill duties in a life-balanced manner.
  • Be of service to community. Being of service is a vital spiritual process. Giving true service with a glad heart sublimates egoic imbalance. Strive for continual spiritual awareness and integration with the world around you, to the best of your ability.
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