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ORDO AETHYRIUM (O∴A∴) is a working initiatory theurgical religious order of the Western Mysteries with an Inner Order that oversees all Outer Order activities and instruction.

Its mission is to make truly spiritual religious initiatory practices of the Western Mysteries available to any qualified aspirant who wishes to approach them through Outer Order teachings. Its purpose is to facilitate the attainment of personal spiritual illumination through graded levels of instruction that prepare Inner Order members for advanced levels of expanded consciousness through adept levels of religious and initiatory theurgy work.

As Aethyrians, we acknowledge the religious initiatory teaching of the Western Mysteries that human beings, as simulacra of the Holy Living One (the One Mind), because of their unique ontological configuration, in reflection of the universal alchemical Principals, are composed of an Earth body (physical level), a Lunar body (soul level), and a Solar body (spirit level); that with proper understanding these three levels of being, through effective initiatory instruction, may be confected into One Thing, which we acknowledge as the Stellar body, at once the ancient ‘body of light’ and the full conscious merging with one’s Higher Genius, the true glorified body, and that attainment of this level, of this newly begotten corporified body of light, simultaneously transcendent and immanent, as an evolutionary level of integrated Oneness with all potential levels of being through gnosis, yet retaining fully indissoluble individuation, is at once the purpose and completion of the Great Work.

We further acknowledge, in accordance with initiatory alchemical understanding and spiritual gnosis, that this evolutionary process must be undertaken and completed while physically incarnate, that the body is the vessel in which our Work must be completed: That the attainment of this annointed level of spiritual evolution is the true initiatory meaning of being ‘born again’ alluded to through allegories contained, though generally misunderstood due to lack of true initiatory instruction, in various religious scriptures.

In pursuit of this Work, we acknowledge:

  • That the Veils between the manifest level and the subtle levels of Reality (the Aethyrs) can be lifted and eventually fully cleared to open spiritual vision through the process of Illuminatory Seership.
  • That the pattern (mechanisms) of universal creation can be explored and understood through the ancient and divine science of practical (operative) alchemy; that the pattern seen on physical levels also exists on all non-physical levels, in its own way according to each thing’s nature on all levels in which they exist, to reveal a complete epistemological framework, revealed through divine Nature, to reflect the generative pattern of Reality, transcending dogma and doctrine, as universal Truth.
  • That in pursuit of direct experience (gnosis) and understanding (proper context), certain initiatory practices facilitate accelerated development of embryonic capacities inherent in all human beings, making possible the evolutionary completion of the Great Work in the current lifetime; that the acceleration of this process, enhanced greatly by Illuminatory Seership and Sacramental Quintessences obtained through the divine science of alchemy, is an ancient and initiatory understanding and spiritual practice of deep initiatory science (theurgy) applied to the sole purpose of individuated evolution.
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