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If you wish to apply to the Order, please follow these instructions carefully.

There are 5 steps, to be done in proper order. Do each step in sequence.

Successful training in initiatory systems equates heavily with the ability to comprehend and follow instructions exactly as given.

Application Process:

  1. Make sure you thoroughly read these pages and find yourself in spiritual alignment with them before applying:
    • Overview of the Order
    • Practices of the Order
    • Member Code of Conduct
    • Grades of the Order
    • FAQ
  2. Make sure you have a device with a webcam/microphone and stable internet connectivity to have the video interview to complete the admission process. We use Zoom for this process. You do not need your own account on Zoom. (See Notes: 1 Below)
  3. Decide on the Username you wish to use when you register. This can be a Pseudonym if you wish. If you are unsure what you may wish that to be in the longterm, you may use any username for now, and we can easily update it later.
  4. Submit the Application for Admission form below.
  5. We will try to reply back to schedule your admission interview as soon as we can. Please respond as promptly as possible when we do so we can set a firm appointment.
  6. Additionally, to streamline the process for your account, after submitting your application you may elect to start the registration process on this site by creating an account through enrollment in Member Dues. (See Notes: 2 Below) If you are enrolled in any Transcendence Works courses, please use the SAME email address when you sign up here that you use to access your courses on that site.


  1. While video participation is not required for available group trainings or events, we do require it for the admission interview process (unless it is an in-person interview). It is for the protection of all Order members that we exercise caution and responsibility in this part of the admission process. Your anonymity, if you wish it, is protected. Your identity will be known only to the members of the Inner Order who are authorized for the interview process, i.e. the Overseer, the Secretariat, or those within the Chamberlain Council. We respect the need for privacy and discretion. You will never be required to forfeit your anonymity.
  2. We require registration through the Member Dues system prior to full enrollment. If you have not enrolled through that online system prior to your admission interview, you will be expected to do it during the interview, after being approved, so that the proper account can be located at that time and set to the correct elevation grade so you can begin the training immediately thereafter. If, for any reason, pre-registration has been made but admission is declined during the interview, a full refund will be issued for any member dues paid immediately following the interview.

Application for Admission

    Did you read and understand ALL of the instructions above on this page?

    Are you of sound mental and reasonable physical health?

    Are there any issues we should know about regarding alcoholism?
    (This is relevant for practical alchemy work only.)

    Are you over 18 years of age?

    Have you read, understood, and found yourself in spiritual alignment with the following?
    YesNo   Overview of the Order
    YesNo   Practices of the Order
    YesNo   Member Code of Conduct
    YesNo   Grades of the Order
    YesNo   FAQ

    Are you enrolled in any of the training courses on Transcendence Works?
    YesNo   Aethyrian Ascension: Sphere One
    YesNo   Illuminatory Seership
    YesNo   Primum Ens Plant Alchemy Course

    Do you agree NOT to share techniques unique to our Order that you learn will here with others (no exceptions)?

    Which of the following times are the best for scheduling a video session for your admission interview?
    Weekday AfternoonsWeekday EveningsSaturday Afternoons

    In which time zone do you reside? We are EST (Eastern Time Zone).

    Have you studied, attempted practical work, or had training/membership in other esoteric fraternities?

    If 'Yes' please briefly describe.

    What do you most hope to gain on a spiritual level from training in Ordo Aethyrium?

      I understand that applying does not guarantee me admission into the Order. If I am accepted I am ready to begin promptly and will make every effort to do the work of my grade to the best of my ability.

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